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Deliver cookies? NoProblem, Pamper your taste buds from home! Order our delicious handmade cookies online now and have the irresistible taste delivered straight to your door. Simple, comfortable and enjoyable – treat yourself to a sweet break!

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Chocolate chip

Chocolate chip

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Cinnamon roll cookie

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Vegan Chocolate Chip

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Welcome to OOH! Cookies - where every creation is a work of art! Immerse yourself in our world of exquisite taste as we proudly present our Monthly Special Cookie Flavor! Every month we reveal a unique cookie, carefully handcrafted with the finest ingredients and a touch of creativity. Our mission is to bring a breath of fresh air season after season and to pamper the taste buds. Our cookie collection is constantly adapting to offer you new, exciting moments of enjoyment.

OOH! Cookies Gift Card

Cookie gift card

Give the gift of irresistible enjoyment with our exclusive Cookie Gift Card! The perfect gift for birthdays and special occasions. Give not just cookies, but the freedom to choose which handcrafted delicacies delight the heart and taste buds. An essential gift for unforgettable moments! 


We deliver events

Add a touch of sweetness and style to your next event – discover our catering offering. What could be better than our irresistible handmade cookies to sweeten your company party, birthday party or any special occasion? Our exquisite creations will delight your guests and put a smile on their faces. Let's create unforgettable moments together - cookies that not only fill you up, but also win hearts. Contact us for your personal catering.

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Über uns
Max & Verginia

Our history

Hello everyone!  I'll tell you todayStory from OOH! Cookies. May I introduce the siblings and cookie lovers Max and Ginka. . In 2020, while Max is stuck at home during the pandemic, he discovers his love for cookies while preparing for his exams. A year of experimentation passes and the addictive cookie recipe is born. With the help ofIt was Ginka and high quality ingredients perfected.  Join us on the journey and experience exciting cookie experiences.

Our cookies

In our spacious kitchen, 1000 handmade cookies are created every day, prepared with dedication and love. Our pursuit of excellence doesn’t stop there; We continually refine our recipes to ensure constant innovation and quality. Month after month we present our unique “Monthly Special” and regularly bring new, fascinating cookie creations to our range.

Cinnamon roll cookie

Our ingredients

Our ingredients are the key to incomparably delicious delicacies. We rely on the best, highest quality components to create unique sweet temptations for you. We make no compromises when selecting our products:

- Chocolate outFrench Manufactory

- Organic eggs from mobile stables

- Butter fromFirst classic Brand quality

- High-quality toppings such as organic nuts

- Homemade creams and fillings

Quality is our top priority to give every bite that little something extra.

opening hours

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Monday - Friday
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m

11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m

11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m

Dorotheenstraße 43, 10117 Berlin

Branch Dorotheenstrasse 43, 10117 Berlin
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